Racks Renting Service

In an innovative and new way in the city of Jeddah

"RUFUF Muqtanyati" Store

Provides a unique service for the circulation of the 2nd hand items...

The store offers rack/-s renting service and displays the client's 2nd hand items that he/she wishes to sell.

The client determines the price he/she wishes for the value of his/her items without any restrictions.

The store will display, market and sell the items on behalf of the client during the rented period.

The store receives 10% of the value of the sold items only

The rack size in the store is approximately 50 * 50 * 50 cm and the customer can rent more than one rack according to the size of the items.

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Store Location:

رفوف مقتنياتي | RUFUF Muqtanyati

Jeddah - Al Muhammadiyah District - Amna Bint Wahb Street


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